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Space Explorers:
The ISS Experience


Cosm Studios has entered into a partnership with Felix and Paul Studios, a pioneer in immersive storytelling and cinematic VR production. F&P is responsible for some of the largest and most ambitious efforts to document live-action space exploration, and Space Explorers: The ISS Experience represents the largest production ever filmed in space. Originally created for the VR headset, is now for the first time, available for planetariums.

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The largest production ever filmed in space, Space Explorers: The ISS Experience is an epic four-part immersive series that invites you to join 8 astronauts on their life-changing missions aboard the International Space Station. Shot entirely in space over two years with groundbreaking technologies and exclusive access to the crew, the series offers an intimate take on the joy, wonder, and dangers of life in orbit. Discover the astronauts’ unique challenges as they adapt to microgravity, perform critical science experiments and operations, and respond to potential catastrophic emergencies. Get access to their full experience through moments of camaraderie, shared meals, and personal video logs. Finally, step out of the station with them for the first-ever VR spacewalk and feel the transformative effects of floating in open space. Looking back at Earth, share the astronauts’ incredible responsibility to foster hope: for humans, our planet, and life itself.


Primetime Emmy Awards 2021: Outstanding Interactive Program
Webby Award 2021: Science & Education and Best VR Video
Infinity Festival 2019: Monolith Award for “Iva Space Camera”
Lumiere Technology Award 2019: Special Award “Impact Through Innovation” for “Iva Space Camera”


Available Languages: English

Runtime: 30 minutes per episode

Release Date: 2021

Suitable Audiences: All Ages

Subjects: Astronomy, Live Action

Resolution: 4K


Jenn Davis
Manager, Show Sales & Special Projects

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