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Immersive livestream feed of the Artemis I Launch

Cosm Studios, the fulldome production and distribution division of Cosm is proud to announce a first-of-its-kind immersive feed of the Artemis I mission launch, livestreaming to planetariums worldwide. Partnering with Emmy Award-winning Felix & Paul Studios and NASA, the launch will be livestreamed in 360-degree 4k, direct to dome and will be distributed to partner planetariums free of charge. The immersive feed will also be live-streamed to the Cosm Experience Center in Salt Lake City, Utah for a groundbreaking viewing experience on DomeX, a 20-meter LED dome driven by Digistar for perfect pixel control and content delivery. Wherever they view it, audiences will have a unique and up-close look into humanity’s next ambitious foray into space. Join us and bring this historic event to your planetarium

A Cosm technician inspects a display panel on a DomeX LED Dome


Image: ATCHAIN for Ennead

Free to all planetariums

The immersive footage will be available to planetariums as a free content license package for 3 months after the launch. Audiences worldwide will have extended access to the Artemis I launch and the opportunity to learn more about space and this incredible journey. In the event a mission delay occurs and additional programming is needed, Felix & Paul Studios will also provide the first episode of Space Explorers: The ISS Experience, the largest production ever filmed in space, as one of many additional content and educational pieces in this package. Space Explorers is an award-winning and immersive series about the new age of space exploration, and mankind’s journey to understand our planet, our universe, and our origins.

Cosm is bringing the cosmos and innovative immersive experiences to audiences around the world with more than 600 active Digistar planetariums, the world’s most advanced planetarium system. Future plans between Cosm and Felix & Paul include broadcasting the Artemis II launch (May 2024) and Artemis III (2025).



Cosm Studios combines the best in storytelling across our organization. We’ve been in the business of immersive storytelling since the beginning, producing world renowned full-dome and large format films for planetariums around the world. Now under the Cosm Studios banner, our decades of experience is expanding into new genres.


Jenn Davis
Manager, Show Sales & Special Projects