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Screen Technology that has finally caught up with the imagination

Transforming Experience

More Than Meets The Eye

Our screens create the most immersive content experience your audience has ever known. You will bring them in and blow them away again and again, creating a connection to your customers that is uniquely yours.

Revolutionary domed and compound curved LED screen technology is 10 times brighter than the brightest cinema system. With 8K+ resolution and individually addressed LED pixels, we deliver extreme resolution, extreme contrast, extreme brightness, and extreme lifespan.

Your audience will live in the reality we create.

Vivid abstract tunnel imagery displayed on a DomeX LED Dome from Cosm

Custom Compound Curves

Immersive Future

No Line
In Sight

Our projection screen domes are seamlessly paneled and invisibly riveted providing uniform optical surfaces for realistic immersive projection.

Your audience cannot distinguish where content starts and the screen ends, providing a completely immersive entertainment experience.

Come See For Yourself


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