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Live capture and streaming for the biggest events in the world, to award-winning features; we bring your ideas to life

Immersed In Every Play

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Technology aside, the strongest connection with your audience is through the story you tell. Our award-winning team will bring your story to life.

With AR & interactive graphics, we blur the line between “real” and “rendered” with live stream and real time rendered content in a virtual environment. Your audience will be immersed in interactive and augmented settings that are far richer than the real thing.

Content abounds, possibilities flourish.

Vivid abstract tunnel imagery displayed on a DomeX LED Dome from Cosm

captivating content

Immersive Future

Through Content

You have access to the world’s leading catalog of immersive feature content through our licensing and distribution partnerships.

In addition, our full service, award-winning production team specializes in creating immersive content and full-length films for compound curved screens and domes.


Cross-platform delivery is our specialty and delivering all of this content and more to your customers through multiple mediums seamlessly is what we do best.

From VR headsets at home on the couch to shared reality experiences in custom immersive venues, we help you reach your customers and move them like never before.

Vivid abstract tunnel imagery displayed on a DomeX LED Dome from Cosm


It’s Not All In Your Head