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IBC2022 Tech Papers: Trailblazing with 8K Live VR at Beijing 2022

We are proud to have co-authored this technical paper recently presented at the IBC2022 Conference on the Beijing 2022 VR experience. This technical paper focuses on the workflow for 8K immersive live events.

IBC2022: This Technical Paper focuses on the workflow for live events experienced in a VR headset.


Prior services with 4K VR highlighted the potential of live VR video services but fell short of the resolution required for a great live sports experience. 4K resolution is not nearly enough to meet the expectations of viewers typically watching HD television. Intel is answering business needs with end-to-end solutions powered by Intel® Xeon® processors that are designed to deliver live 8K VR and 360-degree video experiences to billions of viewersacross the globe. One such solution was on display at the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, where Intel VR technology platforms enabled the capture and production of the first-ever fully produced live 8K VR video broadcast for Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS), which then made it available to rights holding broadcasters (RHBs) worldwide.

Intel is a Worldwide Olympic partner (TOP) for delivering VR technology platforms to the Olympics and Paralympics. Using the latest processors, graphics cards, accelerators, cameras and distribution technologies, Intel collaborated with OBS and other partners to produce and deliver a trailblazing 8K live VR experience. In an industry first, this collaboration streamed over 100 hours of fully produced Olympic events in Beijing in VR, with graphics and commentary. Live coverage included six sports including hockey, snowboarding and figure skating in ground-breaking 8K resolution for both VR180 and VR360. The user reviews were excellent, and we believe that a VR production at this quality meets the bar for attracting a wide, general audience.


The authors acknowledge the work of many individuals and companies to enable the Beijing 2022 VR experience.  

Producing Partner:  Cosm
Graphics Processing: Twizted Design
8K Mezzanine Encode: Spin Digital
Tiled Transcoding & Distribution: Tiledmedia


Intel: Courtney Willock, Ravi Velhal
Cosm: Ryan Cole, Fabrice Lorenceau, Devin Poolman
Twizted Design: Jan Umansky
Tiledmedia: Rob Koenen, Marius van Eck

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