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Tokyo is a city of contrasts unlike any other. A colorful and diverse tapestry of districts weaving temples and skyscrapers, tradition and high-tech, conformity and counterculture. Tokyo Origami is an 8-episode mini-series that features life in Tokyo and afield. Transport yourself into unique slices of Japanese life and culture. Immerse yourself in the stories, people, customs and experiences found only in Japan.


Episodes coming soon to Oculus
A Day in the Life of Two Japanese Career Women
Dancing with Japanese B-boys and B-girls
Life On the Road: A Journey with Scooter Girl
From Fish Market to Sushi
Karate in Japan: Training Your Heart to Be Genuine

Tattoos and Taboos

What Shinto Means to Me: A Spiritual Day in Tokyo
Through the Eyes of an Otaku


Cosm Studios combines the best in storytelling across our organization. We’ve been in the business of immersive storytelling since the beginning, producing world renowned full-dome and large format films for planetariums around the world. Now under the Cosm Studios banner, our decades of experience is expanding into new genres.


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