‘Shared Reality’ Domes Coming For Immersive NBA And NHL Sports Broadcasts—Similar To Las Vegas Sphere — Forbes

November 1, 2023

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Warner Bros. and virtual reality company Cosm are planning to begin offering immersive “shared reality” experiences where audiences will be able to watch NBA and NHL broadcasts in large dome venues with 360 degree screens meant to simulate being at the game in person, the companies told Forbes—a venture Cosm hopes will benefit from the hype around the Las Vegas Sphere.
Cosm, which was founded in 2020 by private equity firm Mirasol Capital, is behind the technology used at more than 700 planetariums worldwide and works with filmmakers to create movies displayed in full-dome theaters, according to its website. The company told Forbes this will be the first time a broadcast rightsholder will offer live sports content in this “shared reality” format. Cosm and Warner Bros. plan to explore other ideas for these domes outside of live sports, such as concerts or television. Raphael Poplock, senior vice president for Warner Bros.-owned Bleacher Report and one of the executives who worked on the partnership, told CNBC the project “has extension potential well beyond sports.” He explained that she was working on the project “when ‘The Last of Us’ was killing it on HBO and Max,” adding “I was thinking, geez, if you did a premiere for season two and really had an immersive, post-apocalyptic world, that could look pretty badass.” This announcement comes on the heels of the wildly successful Las Vegas Sphere. The sphere, which cost its developer, Madison Square Garden, about $2.3 billion to build, held its first show—a live performance from the band U2—earlier this month. The venue went massively viral on social media and sent its owner’s share price, Sphere Entertainment, up more than 11% after its first weekend in operation.
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