Jeb Terry Jr. and Cosm Look to Make the In-Person Sports Experience Virtual With New Immersive Technology

August 22, 2022

Executive Spotlight
Immersive Technology
Ryan Nece speaks with Jeb Terry Jr during the Variety Sports and Entertainment Breakfast sponsored by Cosm. Photo courtesy of Variety.
Have you ever wanted to go to Wimbledon, but don’t have the time or money to fly to London? Or how about seeing the World Cup from the sidelines? Jeb Terry Jr. and his team at Cosm seek to answer those very questions with their new immersive technology.
Terry Jr., CEO of Cosm, is looking to revolutionize the sports watching experience by bringing the best in-house seats to locations across the world.
“I think that’s the future of immersive — the future of sport in general. It’s the opportunity to go to the world’s biggest events and be there in the moment,” Terry Jr. said on Thursday in a keynote conversation with Ryan Nece during the Variety Sports and Entertainment Breakfast sponsored by Cosm. “And I think the task of our industry is to make that a real opportunity. Not just to one event, but to every major sporting event around the world.”
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