Cosm Partners with Acclaimed Composer Ricardo Romaneiro to Unveil Audiovisual Symphony Experience in Immersive 12K at Cosm Venues

December 7, 2023

Cosm Studios
Cosm will present Romaneiro’s “LIQUIDVERSE: Microcosm & Macrocosm”, a multisensory immersive experience that guides guests on a journey through the beginning of the universe, in Shared Reality at Cosm’s 87-foot Diameter 12K LED Domes
Cosm, leading immersive, techology, media, and entertainment company, today announced its latest creator partnership with acclaimed composer and new media artist Ricardo Romaneiro to release LIQUIDVERSE: Microcosm & Macrocosm, an immersive audiovisual symphony designed to be experienced in “Shared Reality” at Cosm’s forthcoming immersive entertainment venues.
Set to release in Spring 2024 at Cosm’s first venue located in Los Angeles at Hollywood Park, the Cosm Studios Original is uniquely designed for Cosm’s spatial audio system and large-scale LED dome. In LIQUIDVERSE: Microcosm & Macrocosm, created in collaboration with Liquid Light Lab and Grammy-nominated Metropolis Ensemble, Romaneiro fuses mesmerizing orchestral music with vibrant liquid visuals to guide guests through a never-before-experienced sensory journey into, and beyond, the beginning of the universe.
Romaneiro becomes the fourth artist to join Cosm Studios’ Creator Program alongside award-winning new media artist Nancy Baker Cahill, who announced SEEK with Cosm earlier this year, filmmaker and director Guy Reid, co-founder of recently announced partner Planetary Collective, and Chris Holmes, who produced the kaleidoscopic audiovisual experience The Journey Within specifically for Cosm venues.
“Building and embracing the future of immersive experiences, Cosm offers a canvas for boundless creativity that requires an outsized imagination backed by a supportive technology team to materialize a dream,” stated Romaneiro. “Through this new partnership with Cosm, I am equipped with the essential tools to soar alongside my collaborators and push the limits of creativity. By challenging immersive artists to think beyond conventional boundaries, Cosm and its innovative LED dome empowers us to breathe life into our dream projects and I am deeply honored to be part of this vibrant creative community through this meaningful collaboration.”
Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Romaneiro’s performances at prestigious venues like the Museum of Modern Art's Summergarden Series, Madison Square Garden, Lincoln Center, and the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, as well as collaborations with renowned brands such as Netflix, Disney+, Nat Geo, and Red Bull, have propelled his work into the spotlight. His various innovative projects with Terrence Malick have earned him international recognition, pushing the boundaries of multisensory experiences in music.
“We are thrilled to welcome Ricardo into our growing community of artist collaborators,” said Neil Carty, Head of Cosm Studios and Labs at Cosm. “His eclectic style of composing classical symphonies blended with electronic sounds and new media is a completely new category of its own, and Cosm is the perfect canvas to bring this unforgettable journey to audiences in Shared Reality. Paired with the art of Liquid Light Lab and Cosm’s display technology, audiences will feel like they’re sitting right inside the pit of a live orchestra.”
Fostering the art of fulldome filmmaking and the immersive creator ecosystem, Cosm Studios, Cosm’s content and storytelling arm, works with an interdisciplinary community of some of the most talented artists, filmmakers, technologists, and experience designers to push the boundaries of immersive storytelling and design.
Cosm’s venues bring the world’s best fan experiences to life by delivering an atmosphere that merges the energy of the crowd, elevated food and beverage options, specialized merchandise, and state-of-the-art visuals backed by the company’s best-in-class technology. Programming at its venues will include immersive art experiences like Romaneiro’s LIQUIDVERSE: Microcosm & Macrocosm and additional experiential, sports, and entertainment content.
Cosm’s first venue in Los Angeles at Hollywood Park and at its second venue in Dallas at Grandscape are currently under construction, with plans to expand to additional locations in key markets. Details of the schedule of events upon the opening of its venues will be shared at a later date.
About Cosm
Cosm is the leading experiential media and immersive technology company redefining the way the world experiences content. With a storied history of building some of the most innovative experience technology in the world, Cosm provides sensorial experiences for every type of fan, from sports and entertainment to immersive art and education. Its immersive venues bridge the virtual and physical worlds through pioneered technology that expands the realm of what’s possible, connecting people and bringing them together in, what is called, Shared Reality. As the company continues to expand to new cities and countries, Cosm is sparking shared passions and providing guests across the globe with experiences they need to feel to believe. To learn more about Cosm, visit and follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Threads, and TikTok.  
About Ricardo Romaneiro
Ricardo Romaneiro is a composer and new media artist creating in the immersive concert and installation experiential space. A graduate of the Juilliard School, he has collaborated with Red Bull Media House, MoMA, Netflix, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Disney+, National Sawdust, Celebrate Brooklyn(!), and Nat Geo and his work has been commissioned and performed by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra & Choir, Wordless Music Orchestra, Metropolis Ensemble, and the American Composers Orchestra and featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Esquire Magazine, NPR and VICE. Through a unique combination of classical music training and studio practices blending bleeding-edge audio and visual technologies, Romaneiro’s work focuses on creating new experiences beyond the concert-hall for audiences to explore themselves and the world around them.

About Collaborators
Collaborators for LIQUIDVERSE: Microcosm & Macrocosm include: Liquid Light Lab (visual director), Grammy-nominated Metropolis Ensemble (contemporary orchestra collective), Silas Brown (Grammy-Award winning sound engineer/spatial audio/Atmos), Ola Gjeilo (pianist) and Sandbox Percussion (featured musical guest artists) along with visual artists My Microscopic World (microorganism visuals) Cosmodernism & Yonkers Vidal (featured liquid visuals), and Journey Of Curiosity (cymatics visuals).


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