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At Cosm, we’re redefining the way the world experiences entertainment with immersive venues that grant you front row access to your favorite sports and events.

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Cosm LA Space

75 years of empowering immersive experience

With a full-service suite of cutting-edge technology and content
capabilities, we know what it takes to power immersive experiences.

Coming to Los Angeles, California

Cosm invites you to enter the extraordinary. Feel the intensity of a championship game, dance in the front row of a concert, or explore the globe’s most evocative places or events in an immersive environment.

Cosm LA Location


Explore the world’s most evocative places and events.


Feel the intensity of a championship game.


Dance your heart out front row at a concert.

Give your work the stage it deserves

Awesome, immersive and fully alive – Cosm gives your creativity a new stage to shine.

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