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Where virtual and
physical worlds meet

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Cosm Experience Center brings immersive sports, entertainment, and unbelievable experiences to life in 8K resolution with corresponding sights and sounds. The Experience Center is a prototype for future dome and Cosm Venue builds, which began in 2022.  

Experience Center

Experience Center guests feel the boundaries between the digital and experiential evaporate as they are completely enveloped in authentically recreated environments of the world’s most iconic places and events—all in realtime. Housing a suite of applications for producing immersive events and Shared Reality experiences, Cosm’s CX Display powered by CX Engine, the world’s first and only Software Defined Display, brings content to life like never before by wrapping guests in an immersive LED dome capable of 8K+ resolutions. Within the immersive space, visitors can also view a NanoSeam Display powered by Digistar, the most seamless projection dome screen available.  

DomeX at Cosm Experience Center


The Experience Center showcases a 20-meter diameter immersive LED 8K+ compound curved display, known as CX Display, powered by CX Engine, the world’s first and only Software Defined Display. It incorporates a powerful realtime rendering engine, media server, LED processor, and LED CX Display in one end-to-end system that transports guests anywhere real or imagined. CX Display improves the viewer experience and significantly overcomes limitations of projection-based systems such as shadows, resolution, contrast, reflections, brightness, and more. 


Powering the Experience Center’s CX Display, CX Engine is a suite of immersive software applications for producing immersive events and Shared Reality experiences robust enough to redefine reality. It is the most versatile and powerful Shared Reality engine in the market with unmatched image processing capabilities for curved and compound curved display resulting in visually stunning, calibrated, and seamless content with no visual distortion or banding.  

Versatile enough to stream live 8K+ larger-than-life content with faster latency than broadcast feeds, CX Engine is a powerful video playback and realtime rendering engine that also integrates seamlessly with Unreal Engine and renders up to 120Hz for endless realtime and interactive Shared Reality experiences that converge the virtual and physical worlds.  


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