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Evans & Sutherland Shares the Future of Giant Screen Cinema at GSCA Virtual Film Expo, Spotlights DomeX Immersive Experience

We’ve long been a supporter of, and an advocate for the Giant Screen Cinema community, and we’re incredibly excited for what the future holds.

So, it was our pleasure for Evans & Sutherland, a Cosm Company, to spotlight our groundbreaking advances in immersive innovation for the Giant Screen Cinema community at the GSCA Virtual Film Expo last week. As the show’s exclusive Virtual Partner, we presented technical advances in content and dome display from the Cosm Experience Center’s DomeX, our new 20-meter diameter 8K LED immersive dome on the campus of the E&S global headquarters.

There’s never been a more important time to support the Giant Screen Cinema community. As GSCA theaters have adapted to the challenges of the pandemic in the last year, we have invested deeply in the future success of the industry by developing innovations that will impact their long-term success and appeal to audiences.

An impactful, new audience experience: In a specially produced virtual tour of DomeX, we proudly provided a comprehensive overview of the dome system, delivering a more immersive and first-of-its-kind user experience. With the LED immersive dome, audiences view richer, deeper, and more accurate colors, while benefiting from unparalleled brightness and contrast levels. As the embodiment of next-generation LED immersive experiences, DomeX is the only one of its kind in the world, and a key investment in our unwavering support industry.

A display to transport your audiences: Over the years of DomeX development, we have carefully considered engineering the best possible display. Until now, all dome displays consisted of a projection system and reflective screen service. Audiences were subject to quality of display that was only as good as the projector and screen used. With the DomeX LED immersive dome, we have improved the user experience immensely and transport the audience to another dimension, thanks to the 8K display.

From “Cosm black” to brightness. Other structural and design improvements of DomeX also contribute to the user experience. As an example, because the DomeX’s panels are matte black, cross-reflection is virtually eliminated. Likewise, the brightness of a DomeX dome is an astonishing 150 foot-lamberts, ten times brighter than the current cinema standard. In terms of audio, sound is able to pass through the perforated panels, creating a truly wow moment for audiences.

Limitless content possibilities: For the Giant Screen Cinema operator, there’s virtually no limit to content possibilities with new, emerging opportunities to make programs more immediate, more local, more diverse, and more relevant to theaters.

Evans & Sutherland is constantly striving to advance technology and ultimately, audience excitement about immersive cinema. We’re hopeful our investments in Giant Screen Cinema impact the success of GSC theaters, as we push visual fidelity as never before.

We hope you’re as excited about the future of the Giant Cinema Screen industry as we are, and we hope to see you in person at future shows and industry events. We encourage and welcome you to visit DomeX in person and see for yourself how we’re revolutionizing the dome experience.

E&s Director of Business Development Scotth Huggins presents at GSCA Virtual Film Expo 2021

E&S Director of Business Development presenting at GSCA Film Expo

Cosm CEO Jeb Terry and E&S Executive VP & GM Kirk Johnson with DomeX at the Cosm Experience Center

Cosm CEO Jeb Terry and E&S Executive VP & GM Kirk Johnson with DomeX at the Cosm Experience Center

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