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Cosm delivers awe-inspiring multisensory environments for the next generation of media-based attractions including flying rides, dark rides, immersive roller coasters, exhibits, and multi-use venues. With revolutionary technology built on the heritage of Cosm companies – Spitz Inc. and Evans & Sutherland, we’ll redefine your visitors’ journey and empower you to deliver never-before-possible Shared Reality experiences.


Cosm delivers complete solutions for immersive experiences capable of eliciting the multi-sensory ‘wow!’ your guests expect, including the revolutionary CX Solutions and best-in-class projection surfaces.

Cosm’s CX Solutions combine the most powerful real-time rendering and content playback software with the most advanced compound curved display technology in the market today. This system’s hardware and software have been developed in perfect harmony to deliver unparalleled audience experiences for theme parks, attractions, science and art installations, and custom immersive exhibition spaces.

Cosm’s CX Display: Revolutionary compound curved LED display technology 10x brighter than the brightest cinema system. At any resolution including 8K and 16K with millions of individually addressed LED pixels, this active display outperforms projector-based solutions in contrast, brightness, and lifespan, creating a completely immersive viewing experience for dark rides, flying rides, and cutting-edge attractions.

CosmX Engine: Our content playback and real-time rendering software is the most versatile and powerful Shared Reality engine available for effortless multi-source playback and real-time integration with Unreal and Unity.


Your brand-building Intellectual Property – and your customers – demand the most awe-inspiring experience possible. We put our unrivaled technology and expertise to work to elevate your IP-licensed characters and content with incredible brightness, depth of colors, and sharp images to blow-away audiences who expect mind-blowing entertainment.

Your guests will experience pristine graphics that thrill, inspire, and transport them to the world of your IP. Cosm’s CX Solutions are so seamless and visually powerful it can induce the sensation of movement and completely redefine the physical space within the environment. Our tight integration of software, hardware, and attention to quality is the reason more theme parks and attractions choose Cosm to deliver the highest possible quality to keep your guests returning time and again.

All Cosm Capabilities


Cosm’s CX Solutions have the ability to change the geometric perception of the room for visitors, creating a powerful Shared Reality experience without the need for a VR head set. Further, the structural flexibility of the CX Display allows for customizable display geometry, so you can build an experience to fit existing spaces.


We have delivered powerful immersive attractions to some of the most renowned destinations in the world, including Disney Parks, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, U.S. Space & Rocket Center, and more.

Cosm is ready to help you apply our immersive experience know-how to inform and inspire your audience. Let us show you how we’ll put our unrivaled technology and expertise to work for you. For additional information about our services or to schedule an onsite tour of our Experience Center, please contact us.


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