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Cosm is redefining the way fans experience Sports and Entertainment through innovations in live 8K production and streaming, content creation, display technology, immersive software solutions, and environmental design and engineering.

Cosm was established in 2020 by the fusion of three pioneering technology companies – Evans & Sutherland, Spitz, Inc., and LiveLike (now Cosm Immersive). Through the combined force of these well-known brands and decades of experience creating immersive experiences, Cosm delivers an innovative sports and entertainment experience to fans we call Shared Reality.

Imagine being center court at a tennis match, so close you can hear players gasp as they pound the ball across the net, or sitting front row, right in the middle of the football pitch as two rivaling teams in England battle it out for bragging rights. There are music events so elite that most will never get the VIP experience – but what if you could have the backstage, all-access pass, best seat in the house for the artists that inspire you most. Cosm is helping partners democratize access to these experiences with the most powerful reality technology in the world. We are revolutionizing the Sports and Entertainment sector, engaging audiences through Shared Reality – converging the virtual and physical in an actual venue.


Cosm’s CX Solutions combine the most powerful real-time rendering and content playback software with the most advanced compound curved display technology available. This system has been developed in perfect harmony to deliver unparalleled audience experiences for Sports and Entertainment fans, wrapping audiences in a vibrant 8K+ environment that brings content to life.

Cosm’s CX Display: A revolutionary compound curved LED display that wraps audiences in content. At any resolution including 8K and 16K with millions of individually addressed LED pixels, CX Display delivers stunning resolution and contrast that will bring games, matches, concerts, and performances to life with 10x the brightness of the best digital cinemas while ensuring the best seat in the house for every fan.

CosmX Engine: A powerful multi-feed content playback and real-time rendering engine versatile enough to stream live 8K+, larger-than-life content, integrate seamlessly with Unreal and Unity, and render up to 120Hz.

Cosm’s Integration: The CX Display & CosmX Engine have been designed from the ground up to perform seamlessly together, providing the reliability and ease-of-use needed power exceptional customer experiences, time after time. Our design and engineering team partner with you to deliver an optimized solution for your space and content.


Cosm Immersive, formerly LiveLikeVR, is the immersive content platform within Cosm working with leagues, broadcasters, and teams to produce and distribute live VR events. This ground-breaking content distribution channel is available for VR headsets, smartphone applications, and immersive venues.

Cosm Immersive paves the way for you from start-to-finish to capture and stream live 8K content, providing total immersivity of experiences for your fans everywhere. Cosm Solutions are scalable and customized for unique workflows, eliminating the need for specialized equipment or other vendor collaboration. Your customers have access to your content with the help of our white label options.

While Cosm’s CX Solutions are content agnostic and is compatible with content from all origins, Cosm Immersive is here to partner with you if custom content is your goal.

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We have delivered powerful immersive exhibition spaces to some of the most prestigious Science and Education institutions in the world, including the Adler Planetarium, Griffith Observatory, Shanghai Astronomy Museum, and Fort Worth Science Museum.

Cosm is here to help you apply our immersive experience know-how to inform and inspire your audience. Let us show you how we’ll put our unrivaled technology and expertise to work for you. For additional information about our services or to schedule an onsite tour of our Experience Center, please contact us.


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