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We deliver interactive & social experiences that celebrate fandom

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Cosm Immersive is a global leader in live immersive sports and entertainment content.

We offer scalable, customizable solutions for live content capture, production, distribution.

Mixed Reality


Immersive Live

Headset & Mobile

We make it easy for you from start-to-finish, to capture and stream live content and allow for deeper immersivity of experiences for your fans everywhere.

Cosm Immersive Capture and Stream Live Content
Cosm Immersive

Our solutions are scalable and customized for unique workflows, you don’t need specialized equipment or other vendor collaboration. Cosm Immersive does it all for you no matter where you are in your process.

Customize our virtual environments with your brand image and likeness

We designed our platform for broadcasters to showcase content in ways that expand your brand awareness and push the limits of immersive production.

Our white-label apps make it easy to launch customized best-in-class VR experiences, covering the biggest events in the world.

We provide turnkey solutions that are fun and interactive for the end user, driving engagement and ensuring the seamless integration of live content and immersive production.

Our latest app

Immerse yourself in Sky Sports with Sky Worlds Beta. Sky VIP members get access to all areas in Sky Worlds. Non-Sky VIPs can still catch the latest Premier League highlights.

Cosm Immersive Sky VR

“Sky Worlds is a fantastic example of how technology can help replicate real-life experiences and create truly transformative viewing experiences, something that is so important right now given the limitations fans have attending live events in person,”

— Matt McCartney, Head of Immersive Technology at Sky.

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