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World-class COSM™ construction includes planning, design and custom construction of venues that provide audio-visual and other multi-sensory content and experiences.

Behind every COSM venue is an unmatched support structure designed, engineered, fabricated, and assembled by COSM construction experts, the 2,000 installations worldwide. The precision of this support framework is truly remarkable – LED panels can be positioned to a tolerance of just .004 inches, approximately the width of a strand of human hair.


COSM™ design experts provide engineering, and architectural, acoustical, and interior design services for venues including video screens, scaffolding, trusses, mechanical frameworks, and compute and electronic equipment for providing non-digital multi-sensory audio, visual and other multi-sensory content and experiences that audiences and users can interact through and with, view, watch, sense, and experience.

COSM is engineering the future of immersive experiences through graphical, artificial intelligence, computer simulated immersive spaces and computer systems design services.


COSM™ experiential offerings provide immersive experiences for entertainment, education, and leisure services. Including digitally generated virtual reality events, digitally generated immersive experiences for groups. COSM also provides publicly available venues specially designed for delivery of digitally generated immersive content.


With precision comes strength. The COSM™ custom manufacturing and design offers aluminum and steel framework, scaffolding, trusses, access ladders, speaker installations, and the entirety of the screen’s electrical infastructure and configuration. This ensures that every LED panel – truly, every pixel – looks its best with a minimum of maintenance.

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