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Cosm is a global technology company that brings experiences to life in immersive environments. We help our partners create spaces and content that blur the lines of real and virtual across three primary markets:

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Cosm was born from the fusion of some of the greatest innovators in the history of technology. Evans & Sutherland, Spitz, Inc., LiveLikeVR (now Cosm Immersive), and C360 combined forces to power the immersive experiences of the future as Cosm. Innovation is in our DNA.

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Cosm Immersive, formerly LiveLikeVR, is the immersive content platform in Cosm, working with leagues, broadcasters and teams to produce and distribute live VR events. This ground-breaking content distribution channel is available for VR headsets, smartphone applications, and immersive venues.

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Cosm Companies have been at the forefront of fulldome filmmaking since the beginning under our Spitz Creative Media team. We have created some of the world’s most recognizable and highly awarded animated and live-action films for the science community. Under the newly created Cosm Studios banner, we will continue developing a variety of educational works for the science community while expanding to include alternate content experiences for generations to come.

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C360, a Cosm company, delivers immersive video solutions that integrate with major broadcasters and digital partners, including the biggest sports media companies and leagues as well as various governmental agencies and initiatives. Under the Cosm umbrella, C360 continues to get fans closer to the action than ever before by propelling innovation in immersive video workflows forward through its cloud-based software solutions and expertise in camera systems and computer vision.

A Cosm technician inspects a display panel on a DomeX LED Dome
Cosm Spitz

For more than five decades, E&S has developed advanced computer graphics technologies. From Sketchpad, the first computer-aided design (CAD) program, to the first digital planetarium, to the DomeX LED dome of the today, E&S has led the charge for graphics and screen evolution, as the world’s first computer graphics company.

Founded by legendary planetarium educator Armand Spitz in 1947, Spitz, Inc. began as a provider of affordable optical planetarium projectors for schools and small educational institutions. Since then, Spitz has grown to become the world’s leading supplier of planetariums and domes. Spitz projection domes are chosen by the most discriminating customers including Disney, Universal Studios, Volkswagen, Griffith Observatory, and Zeiss.

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With the NBA and UFC as official league partners, Cosm will produce and present live, immersive 8K NBA & UFC events on our giant LED-dome immersive experience at our venues in Hollywood Park and Grandscape. Cosm will additionally unveil the first-ever art experience in Shared Reality at our forthcoming venues in partnership with award-winning artist Nancy Baker Cahill.

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